July 3, 2018 | Bob D'Ambrosia

Looking for ways to improve your home ?

Know which home improvements will net you the most Return on Investment, even if you plan on staying put for a while

It does not matter if you are looking to sell your home, just purchased your home, or are not looking to move right away, increasing your Return on Investment benefits you in the long run. Focusing on what renovations are important will save you money and will get you your money back in the long run!

Minor Bathroom Remodel

  • Average Return on Investment102%
  • Cost to complete: $10,500
  • ROI: $10,700
  • What is needed: By replacing the tub, tile, floor, sink, vanity and fixtures, your bathroom becomes an enticing feature to future buyers. It saves them money while also putting more money in your pocket.

Upgraded Landscape

  • Average Return on Investment: 100%
  • Cost to complete: $4,967
  • ROI: $4,967
  • What is needed: By just adding pops of color with shrubs or trees, planters, fresh mulch, and a flagstone walkway, you appeal to potential buyers by taking away the added cost of hiring professional landscapers while also having a beautiful yard.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

  • Average Return on Investment: 98.5%
  • Cost to complete: $15,000
  • ROI: $14,913
  • What is needed: Refacing cabinets and adding new counter tops and cabinet lighting is a great way to improve the cosmetic appeal of your kitchen while also raising the value of your home. Each aspect of your kitchen adds to the overall charm of the house. 

Exterior Improvements

  • Average Return on Investment: 95.5%
  • Cost to complete: $7,239
  • ROI: $6,914
  • What is needed: Repainting your home, investing in vinyl siding, adding outdoor spaces, or just replacing your front door is a great way to make your home more cosmetically appealing. You will catch the eye of and welcome potential buyers. 


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