August 1, 2018 | Valerie Vargas

Reasons to Sell Before the Summer Ends

Less CompetitionHousing inventory is under the supply that is needed for a normal housing market. 

What does that mean? -  Buyers are competing with one another for available listings. This makes the demand for houses on the market increase. The median days on the market for a listing is low.

Perfect TimingPrices are projected to appreciate.

What does that mean? -  If a buyer is looking to buy a higher-priced home, it will cost more in down payment and mortgage payment if he/she waits. Therefore, with the unpredictable market, buyers want to get ahead.

Sales Are Not StoppingHigh home prices and mortgage rates are not stopping sales.

What does that mean? - According to Forbes, sales are not decreasing. The following 5 reasons are why home sales are not dropping.

  1. Buyers want to lock in rates before they rise again

  2. In the long run, renting can be more expensive than owning a home

  3. Expert's agree that current rates are in fact not that high

  4. Millennials are finally buying into the housing market

  5. Owning allows people to control their housing costs

Bottom Line:

This summer is a great time to put your house on the market. Even though the housing market is inconsistent, people are always looking to buy. Make sure to get the information you need before the summer comes to an end.



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